Monday, 26 August 2013

Aims and Objectives

The Physics department aims at providing the necessary foundations in physics which prepares the students for an intensive study of advanced topics in physics at latter stage :
A good knowledge, understanding and capability to apply principles of physics in technology is most important things to get the extensive use of any technology.
Much of physics requires a good knowledge and understanding of mathematics. We firmly believe that the traditional approach appears to stress on the derivations with a lesser attention paid to the physical concepts. So we try to make the subject lively by balancing the requirement of subject and interest of students through our logical method of teaching.

Career Opportunities

  • PRL, IPR, ISRO, BARC , TIFR, NPL accepts B.Sc., Physics students with first class as Jr. Scientist.
  • Private Sector
  • Government Organization
  • Education field
  • Telephone Department
  • Air Force & Navy

Departmental Activities

  • Physics Association Prize Distribution
  • Education Tours
  • Physics Quiz
  • IAPT Examination

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